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About Us

Here at Cane Creek Calls we focus on two things when building our calls. First and most important is  quality of sound. Second is  durability. It’s great these calls have worked so good for me and countless other callers, but the most important thing is that they work in the woods.

Here at Cane Creek Calls we build all calls in-house. We hand-stretch all our mouth calls and build all our wood pots, strikers and box calls  in our woodworking shop from choice lumber. After 27 years of building game calls, we know what a call should sound like. Our calls will get that big gobbler, trophy buck or bull elk and those crafty predators into gun or bow range. The rest is up to you.


A message from Doug

I have been hunting and fishing since I was just a kid and have always loved the outdoors. I started calling in competition in 1990 and got hooked up with a large call company in New York. I was on their pro staff and calling team for a year, but had trouble winning with their calls so I started building my own. I was winning contests under their name but using my calls and thought…this is not good.

In 1991, I started my own company and Cane Creek Calls was born. I came up with the name because the road I live on is Cane Branch. My first contest was not sanctioned and was small but I placed 3rd. The second contest was a Nation Wild Turkey Federation sanctioned event and I placed 2nd. My third contest…I won. From 1993 to 2006, I called in 169 competitions, winning 87 with 27 second place, 24 third place, two fourth place, two fifth place and two sixth place finishes.

Some of the top wins:

  • 5 World All Around championships

  • 14 Kentucky state championships

  • 5 Virginia state open championships

  • 5 Tennessee state open championships

  • 2 North Carolina state open championships

  • 1 Georgia state open championship

  • 1 US Open championship