I wanted to give you a follow-up on a story about one of your calls. As you know I’ve been using Cane Creek calls for many years. I was always most fond of your slate pot calls. I had quite a few I kept around mostly to give to friends that sometimes hunted with me. I had one slate call that had nine holes in the pot that was your design at that time. It was dated 1997 and signed by you. I had used this call countless times to call in birds and really can’t tell you how many died using this call. I live on the coast of Mississippi where we were hit directly by hurricane Katrina. I had lost everything I owned in a few hours in that storm including that Pro slate call of yours with the nine holes in it. Several months later I found this call on my property and figured it was no good anymore after going under water then being outside in the elements for so long. I had lost calls before Turkey hunting and they always lost their tone. This one not only was left out it went under water in a major hurricane. One day while I had nothing to do I cleaned that call up and found a good striker to try it out. I really could not believe it but the call actually sounded better than it did when I lost it. The only thing that changed was the striker was different. The original was lost so I used a replacement. I still carry this call almost twenty years after I originally bought it. I thought you would get a kick out of this story.

Hope everything is going well for you Michael Green.

Brandon Goins