The bird in the picture (23 lbs. 10-inch beard, 1 1/4 spurs) was taken on opening morning near Hopkinsville, KY. I started him off with a few soft calls from the Pro Custom Aluminum and finished him up with the Lost Poult.

Later that morning I drove of to Greenville, KY and visited Uncle Lee’s (Wing Supply). They had a really good selection of your calls on hand. So, I picked up the Mr. Death and several more Lost Poult calls. I was quick to share with them that your calls are by far the best available and the only calls I my turkey vest. (The Lost Poult is becoming my favorite mouth call because of it’s versatility. Depending on how the call is positioned you can get a range of both medium and high tones. And the all important Kee Kee when you want a bird to stick his head up.)

Hope you have a great rest of the season.
Take care,
George Mitchell

Brandon Goins