I learned of Cane Creek Calls from an outfitter that I have been booking with for a while now. I have only turkey hunted with him three times (deer hunted many times), and the last two he was using your calls. No doubt in my mind that these calls made the difference.

I had birds all over me every time I went with him, but could not close the deal for many reasons. But one thing is for sure, these calls kept them interested and gobbling.

I took my son Noah for his 14th birthday present, and did it ever turn out to be a birthday we all will never forget.

My son killed the biggest turkey that I or the guide had ever seen. The bird weighed in at exactly 23 pounds, just shy of an 11 inch beard, and 1 1/2 in spurs on each side. Our outfitter is located in SC, and is Bang’s Paradise Valley Hunt Club. Tom Collins is now the owner. Tom even told my son that he had been turkey hunting for over 30 years and had not killed one that big……and your Cane Cutter was what did him in. The bird came in even with hens leading him in the other direction. That sweet sound of your call was too much for that old boy to take. The guides estimated that the bird was probably 4-5 years old, so you know he had heard just about everything under the sun thrown at him. That is until the Cane Cutter made him an offer he could not refuse.

Thank you for a memory of a lifetime!!! I am beyond a shadow of a doubt, a Cane Creek Call user for every turkey season for the rest of my life!!!! These calls are by far, the best I have ever heard. It says a lot when (our guide) a man who earns his living guiding turkey hunters chooses your calls as his tools to earn a living by. I knew then, that if a man can trust his livelihood to your calls, then I definitely wanted them in my vest for the weekend warrior that I am. I only get to go a few times a year, and I want the BEST for my sons and I when we get those opportunities.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Lance Cardelino

Brandon Goins