I have taken time to view your web page and seen I could send you an e-mail. I thought I would take this time to tell you how impressed I am with your calls. Although I am a beginner in the turkey woods, I am a 27 year old that has alway loved to deer hunt and thought I would try the turkey. So last fall I bought a couple of mouth calls (Knight & Hale) Fire n ice and another mouth call by them and I practiced all fall and winter. I started to get fairly good with the calls and thought I was ready for spring. There is a sports shop close to home called B&C Sporting Goods. I like to talk to the old man there and I have learned some helpful tips. Anyway I was eager to try a new call other that the Knight n Hale classs. The man at B&C told me in a couple of weeks he was getting some calls from Cane Creek and it would be worth the wait. I think I got the Mr. Death call on the 3rd week of Feb. and The call blew the other mouth calls out of the water. I love the sound that comes from the mr death, cc smoker. In fact I dont take any other mouth call with me to the turkey woods other than the cane creek. The glass call I use is the heeny penny from knight and hale and expect to change to the cane creek call as soon as I can get $35 because I am an addict of the spring turkey woods now. I bagged my very first two birds using your call mr death. The birds could not resest. I am an biggener also. I didn’t think that I was as good of caller but the first bird would cut me off and gobble when I was being quiet. They sure try your patience and I learned why I have read that you cannot forget your patience when you go into the turkey woods pretty fast. It is hard not to keep calling when that bird keeps thundering out, he was hooked to that Mr.Death. Anyway just wanted to write and tell you I am hooked on your product and intend to continue to use cane creek calls as long as I am able to hunt and you are making the calls. I know have 4 friends that have switched to the calls as well. Thank you for the qulity calls.

God Bless!
Joey Rudy

Brandon Goins