I just wanted to give a shout out to you on your quality calls and exceptional service. Here is a photo of my two kids ,Lauren and David, along with the bird he took the morning of 4/12/2014. The bird was started with a cc-smoker and finished with a pro custom slate. The same pc-slate I believe; from looking at your worn signature and date; I purchased back in 1996. I just wanted you to know that I have killed at least one bird with that same slate every year since I bought it and it is still my go-to call today. I have purchased numerous calls from you since then and have never received nothing but quality calls and quick service. I love the fact that I can still buy a quality diaphragm call for half the price of the other junk that’s out there. Now my kids are hooked on Cane Creek cause that is all they have ever seen me use over years of good results. Keep up the good work. Customer for life,
David Myrick

Brandon Goins