I learned of Cane Creek Calls from an outfitter that I have been booking with for a while now. I have only turkey hunted with him three times (deer hunted many times), and the last two he was using your calls. No doubt in my mind that these calls made the difference.

I had birds all over me every time I went with him, but could not close the deal for many reasons. But one thing is for sure, these calls kept them interested and gobbling.

I took my son Noah for his 14th birthday present, and did it ever turn out to be a birthday we all will never forget.

My son killed the biggest turkey that I or the guide had ever seen. The bird weighed in at exactly 23 pounds, just shy of an 11 inch beard, and 1 1/2 in spurs on each side. Our outfitter is located in SC, and is Bang’s Paradise Valley Hunt Club. Tom Collins is now the owner. Tom even told my son that he had been turkey hunting for over 30 years and had not killed one that big……and your Cane Cutter was what did him in. The bird came in even with hens leading him in the other direction. That sweet sound of your call was too much for that old boy to take. The guides estimated that the bird was probably 4-5 years old, so you know he had heard just about everything under the sun thrown at him. That is until the Cane Cutter made him an offer he could not refuse.

Thank you for a memory of a lifetime!!! I am beyond a shadow of a doubt, a Cane Creek Call user for every turkey season for the rest of my life!!!! These calls are by far, the best I have ever heard. It says a lot when (our guide) a man who earns his living guiding turkey hunters chooses your calls as his tools to earn a living by. I knew then, that if a man can trust his livelihood to your calls, then I definitely wanted them in my vest for the weekend warrior that I am. I only get to go a few times a year, and I want the BEST for my sons and I when we get those opportunities.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Lance Cardelino


Wanted to sent you pictures of my hunt in Nebraska with Bordeaux creek Outfitters for Meriam turkeys using Cane Creek Calls. We used the Pro Custom Box Call and the Small Talk Mouth call. The calls were easy to learn on and really worked good. I like to listen to you call on your web site and I cant wait for next spring’s season

Tanner Rafferty, age 12


Hey Doug,

Just wanted to say I really enjoy ur turkey calls. I recently bagged this fall gobbler using ur pro custom glass. I’d appreciate it if u add me to the testimonials on ur website.thank you.

Tom, Pheasant Run in New York.


That’s 52 using your calls. Was using the tuff man on this bird. Thanks again.

Don Meetze


Thanks a lot. The cane cutter was the only call I put in my mouth this morning. Will definitely be ordering more soon.

Blake Trent


Killed a trophy bird last year with your “Cane Cutter” call! Then called in two more birds with the same call for my nephew to shoot! All birds down within 20 minutes of each other! LOVE YOUR CALLS!

Dr. Scott Macon, Georgia


I have used your Pro-Custom Slate call on all of my turkey hunts. The two turkeys in these photos (one killed by me, the other by Spencer {11 yrs old}) are of the 33 long beards that have been killed with this very same call. It is the one call that goes with me every hunt. I have three children: two boys (Wesley and Spencer) and girl (Kari), who have all killed gobblers with this call.

Great call. Thanks,

Bill Kesterson


Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I was very happy with the slate call I got from you. I have also been using the Cane Cutter and thus far with only those two calls in my vest I have been blessed to witness 7 turkey kills this spring in TN and KY. No matter who I am hunting with when I use those two calls just shake their heads and talk about how realistic they sound out in the woods. Just thought I would check in.

Scott Whitaker

Hello Doug, I just had to let you know how pleased I was with these calls. They sound more like the real thing than any other call I’ve put in my mouth. As a matter of fact, I threw all of my other mouth calls in the garbage because that’s what they sound like compared to the two calls I bought from you. I will be sure and tell every one I know what I think of these calls. I will be buying more calls from you. Thanks Again!

Mr. Bill

I bought a pro custom slate about a month ago when i was going to take my son in the youth turkey season. My friend has used the mouth calls for about four years and told me to buy a slate call and I did. I have only been turkey hunting one time before and didnt know how to call myself. Iwatched the video on UTUBE and done like it was shown. Opening morning I called about three times and he came running. My son killed him about 15 yards from the blind. I just wanted to say thank you for the call.

Brian Rogers

Dear Mr.Adkins,
I just wanted to write u and say that i have been using the Mr.Death mouth call now for 3 years and i just wanted to tell u that it is by far the best mouth call that i have ever used. I am looking forward to trying out the cane creek box call and the cane cutter mouth call that i just ordered.I am confident that i will have the same kind of results with those calls as i have had with the Mr.Death.Thanks again for the wonderful products that u guys put out.

Thank you for your time,
Ronnie Chapman

Hey Doug,
Just wanted to let you know I recieved my order and not to take up much of your time, but i can use almost every one of your mouth calls in the woods. I’d have to say it is the best mouth calls i have ever used. I wish i had found them years ago and i would have saved a lot of money. I was especially impressed with the cc pro, cane cutter, and small talk. Your calls are in a league of their own, and i’ll be contacting you again when i wear these out.

Brian Boggs

The preacher and a few church friends I hunted with in Missouri were over on a ridge across from me one morning and said when i blew the Owl Call it sounded real good and on one occasion here in Mississippi I even had an owl land in a tree next to me. They also said the crow call sounded good too. So, they asked me to order them the Owl and Crow call.

Keep up the good work. For next year I’m going to add the woodpecker call and the tube call.

Thanks again,

Johnny brought his test calls to work that you sent him and run them for us. Man that call is going to be awesome them ol gobblers better look out next spring i really look forward to buying one of these calls I cant wait to run it. I think this will be a good seller for you.This call sounds as good as it gets.

Anthony Woods

Hey Doug,
Just wanted to send you a note about the Pro Custom Slate that I purchased from you in 08. I’ve used it for the past two years and the results are terrific! Between my friends and family in 09 we killed 12 birds and in 2010, 16 birds. The problem seems to be that now I’m the only one calling, but that’s ok I love to watch my kids when a big gobbler comes strutting in, especially my 8 yr. old. The only thing I have to remember is to tell the 8 yr. old to breathe once in a while, cause he gets really excited! This year, I thought he was going to hyperventilate when 3 gobblers came strutting in to 15 yds. before the shot. The range on the call is great from the high pitch at the rim to the mellow spot in the center. The soft purrs and clucks with a little leaf scratching seems to be more than even the old birds can take.

Thanks again.
Bill Kesterson

Just wanted to tell you that the call you sent me (Pro Custom Aluminum) sealed the deal on a 21 lb turkey, with a 9″ beard and 3/4″ spurs….my first. Ive been hunting him off and on for a week and yesterday after I recieved my call and lucky Cane Creek Calls tshirt, which I had on under my camo it all came together.

Also, I have a striker with a sanding stone on the end of it and wanted to know if it would be ok to use on my new aluminum pro custom?

I have been using Cane Creek Calls exclusively for 4 years now and I must say that your calls are second to none. I love the soft tape on your mouth calls. Mr Death is my favorite call with the C.C. Smoker a close second. I also have the pro custom slate and aluminum calls. The sound you get from these calls are absolutely awsome. I have killed numerous turkeys using Cane Creek Calls. As far as I am concerned, there will not be another brand of calls in my turkey vest. Your quality is great. I can open up a new call and it will sound like the old one. This type of quality is what makes a believer in Cane Creek Calls, so keep up the good work and great quality.

Mark Bennett

Thanks so much for fixing my slate call Doug, you are the man. . I am really satisfied and so are my friends that hunt with me. They said, “Ahh shoot they(he) wont fix that thing just throw it away.” I showed them and you did too. Shows what kind of fella you are!!!! You just earned some more business from my friends. Thanks again and have a good memorial day.

Guy Thompson

I have owned Cane Creek Calls since I was a kid. Bought my first call at the Gray Fair Grounds in Gray, TN at the hunting expo. These are the best sounding calls I have ever heard. I bought the pro series slate and pro series glass calls a few years later and loved them. I went through a divorce and during all the mix up, lost my calls and about to order me 2 more and thinking about getting the aluminum pro to add to my pack for this Spring Season. Thanks for making such a great call, keep up the good work!

Jason A. Conkin

Hi Doug,
Just wanted to say thanks for making such a consistent, high quality call like the Pro Custom. I bought 5 custom pot calls this year and only 3 made the cut to be carried daily in my vest and of those 3, two were your PC Slate and PC Aluminum. They’re easy to run with a great rollover yet they tone done nicely for purrs and clucks. Two of the customs that didn’t make the cut cost twice as much as your PC series proving money can’t always guarantee a great sounding call. When new hunters ask on OldGobbler.com to recommend a good sounding slate or aluminum (haven’t bought your crystal yet, next year) I recommend Cane Creek with full confidence. By the way, the sounds of your calls in the videos is what hooked me. Don’t change a thing,

Larry Fortie

I got your slate pot call in the mail the other day and all I can say is MAN!! That is one sweet call! I love it. Cant wait to chase them birds in a month. Good luck this season, and thanks for this awesome call!

Aaron Cecil

I just wanted to shoot Cane Creek an email showing my gratitude for the calls that ya’ll produce. I buy 3 calls a year, and will never buy anything different than Cane Creek. All I use is diaphragms when Spring Gobbler comes in, and I tend to lose the calls or drop them in the truck somewhere, and not find them, but the Mr. Death, Boss, and Cane Cutter are my arsenal. Great job and keep the calls coming, I can’t get enough of em!

Tyler Routon

I have taken time to view your web page and seen I could send you an e-mail. I thought I would take this time to tell you how impressed I am with your calls. Although I am a beginner in the turkey woods, I am a 27 year old that has alway loved to deer hunt and thought I would try the turkey. So last fall I bought a couple of mouth calls (Knight & Hale) Fire n ice and another mouth call by them and I practiced all fall and winter. I started to get fairly good with the calls and thought I was ready for spring. There is a sports shop close to home called B&C Sporting Goods. I like to talk to the old man there and I have learned some helpful tips. Anyway I was eager to try a new call other that the Knight n Hale classs. The man at B&C told me in a couple of weeks he was getting some calls from Cane Creek and it would be worth the wait. I think I got the Mr. Death call on the 3rd week of Feb. and The call blew the other mouth calls out of the water. I love the sound that comes from the mr death, cc smoker. In fact I dont take any other mouth call with me to the turkey woods other than the cane creek. The glass call I use is the heeny penny from knight and hale and expect to change to the cane creek call as soon as I can get $35 because I am an addict of the spring turkey woods now. I bagged my very first two birds using your call mr death. The birds could not resest. I am an biggener also. I didn’t think that I was as good of caller but the first bird would cut me off and gobble when I was being quiet. They sure try your patience and I learned why I have read that you cannot forget your patience when you go into the turkey woods pretty fast. It is hard not to keep calling when that bird keeps thundering out, he was hooked to that Mr.Death. Anyway just wanted to write and tell you I am hooked on your product and intend to continue to use cane creek calls as long as I am able to hunt and you are making the calls. I know have 4 friends that have switched to the calls as well. Thank you for the qulity calls.

God Bless!
Joey Rudy

Mr. Adkins

My name is Dominic Nickels, I’m 16 years old. I’ve been huntin’ turkeys for 8 years. I’ve used your calls since I’ve been calling my self. I’ve used all your mouth calls but I’m in love with your Mr Death and Cane Cutter calls. I just wanna thank you for your amazing products.

Avid turkey hunter,
Dominic Nickels

Mr. Adkins I am writing you yo tell you that i have been using you products for about four years now. And have killed several birds using your calls. your mouth reeds are great and the slate i just ordered is fantastic.cane creek is the only call i will use, and just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic product. I tried your calls because i like supporting local businesses and have been well pleased.

Shawn Meek

Thanks Doug! I spoke with you last year and let you know how great the C.C. Smoker did here in La. It has struck again, with my son Connor tagging out on youth weekend and two other youngsters getting their first birds. My Dad and I have also been successful this year thanks to the quality call. If I knew how to attach the picture I would share them with you.

Thanks again,

Just wanted you to know that I love your calls. Used the Mister Death to bag a nice long beard in Virginia. I’ve been recommending you guys to all my buddies.

Mike Mullins Haysi, VA

Dear Doug,

I live in Illinois and yesterday was youth season. Me and my dad were hunting on lake Shelbyville. My dad was using tuff man and lost poult call and he pulled in three gobblers easily. I shot and missed the gobbler at about 38 yards. We went back to the truck and it had only been a hour since shooting time. My dad estimated the bird through binoculars that the bird weighed from 20-25 pounds and have a 10 inch beard. The two other birds were about his size and my dad says i shot at the right one. I am thirteen and I have a sister who is youth hunting next year, so that means I have to go hunting with my uncle who only clucks and yelps. So I will soon be purchasing tuff man and lost poult along with Mr.death and some other calls. My dad killed a turkey with your calls last year. I was using a single shot 20 gauge shotgun. I wouldn’t’ve got that shot if it weren’t for your calls!!!!!

Caleb Peck

I got my box call and striker today Doug. The box called sounds terrific. The best one I’ve ever tried. Striker works great too. Of course I had to wet the slate and it worked just like you said. I’m very pleased. Thank you!

Randy Hogan

You keep making calls I’ll keep buying. I’ve never killed more turkeys with a mouth call and no one can match these sounds with this little breath. Yeah people make the same style and shape….SO? Those calls also leave me reaching for an inhaler!!!

Chris Lambeth